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How Can A Proper Diet Help My Peripheral Neuropathy Jason Meyer DC Reviews Your Questions

Jason Lawrence Meyer is a chiropractorwho runs the World of Wellness Chiropractic OfficesFort Worth and Arlington, TX. wowhealthcenters Integrative medicine which is also calledintegrated medicine or integrative health, combines alternative medicine with evidencebasedmedicine. Proponents claim that it treats the quot;whole personquot;, focuses on wellness andhealth rather than on treating disease, and emphasizes the patientphysician relationship.The Defining Principles of Integrative Medicine 1. Patient and practitioner are partners inthe healing process.

2. All factors that influence health, wellness,and disease are taken into consideration, including mind, spirit, and community, aswell as the body. 3. Appropriate use of both conventional andalternative methods facilitates the body's innate healing response.4. Effective interventions that are natural and less invasive should be used wheneverpossible. 5. Integrative medicine neither rejects conventionalmedicine nor accepts alternative therapies uncritically.6. Good medicine is basedgood science. It is inquiryiven and open to new paradigms.7. Alongside the concept of treatment, the

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Process of Elimination for ICD9 Medical Coding Part 2

What about Combo codes? When you're dealingwith ICD9, you are going to see combo codes meaning, two codes to explain the one diseaseprocess or what's going on. That's kind of like up here where we had acuteand chronic. Let's say our person had acute cholecystitis with cholelithiasis thatword right now just means they have a stone. I may not repeat that word because I'm justgoing to say stone because that's a hard word to say. So, 574 is the basic egory forhaving a stone and that's a stonethe gallbladder, not a stonethe kidneys. Don'tget that confused or anything. That's common to have stonesthe gallbladder.

So, you have to break this down, you can'tjust use 574, it tells you, you need more digits, plus we don't just have stones inthe gallbladder, we have inflammation of the gallbladder with stone. So, 574.00 we gota calculus or a stone of the gallbladder with acute cholecystitis without mention of obstruction.So, see how they've got that broken down? We've got 574, okay we got a stone and weknow it'sthe gallbladder. Now, is it acute? Yes, it's acute and our person has inflammation,their gallbladder is inflamed. Okay, well, is that stone pushing and blocking, not allowingthe gallbladder to work properly? If it is, that means it's got an obstruction so thereforeyou're going to use 574.01; and if it didn't,

then it would be (.00). Again, you don't have to have that memorized,but as a coder you need to know the process and this is where your anatomy terminologyand physiology comes in. That you need to know that if a person has an inflamed gallbladder,why they have an inflamed gallbladder? Is it because they have a stone? If it's becausethey have a stone, is it acute? Is that stone blocking anything? Those are the things youneed to know. And so, these codes break down and tell you, my person has an inflamed gallbladder,they have a stone and it does not statethis statement right here that there is anobstruction. If it doesn't state there is

an obstruction, it has to state quot;with obstructionquot;for you to be able to use 574.01; that's a guideline. So you know that your code is goingto be 574.00. I'm just kind of explaining these codes andthen I'm going to show you how you're going to be able to break those down and make quickpicks here just a little bit. So that's a combo code concept. What about dual coding?Again, like the other one, do I have to use more than one code? Now, up here for thislate effect, 438.11 it explains it all. We've got two separate conditions but we got onecode that explains it. Same thing with the respiratory failure, one code explains twoconditions.

Dual Coding really comes more with manifestations,and nothingICD10 for eduion is easier to explain guidelinesdiabetic codes soI'm constantly referring back to diabetes codes because just about every ICD9 guidelinesin a way you come back to diabetes. So, our patient has diabetic neuropathy. The codefor diabetic neuropathy is 357.2, but you just can't code 357.2. When you go look up357.2, it tells you code first the underlying disease, and249.6 is a diabetic code meaningsomething happened that made them diabetic for a short time. But 250.6 is a regular diabeticcode that means they're diabetic. The basic diabetic code is 250.00, that's a defaultcode for diabetes. If your doesn't

tell you what type of diabetes that your patienthas, the default is 250.00 because 98% of all diabetics are type 2 diabetics and that'sacceptable to use that, unless you're told that it is type 1 or type 2. So now we know. The 250.61 is diabetes type 1 because thelast digit right here is going to tell whether it's a type 1 or type 2, and if it's controlledor uncontrolled. Now, just jumping ahead real quick it has to state uncontrolled for youto. the word has to be there for you to actually use that code. But right now, we'vegot diabetic neuropathy 357.2 we can't use it by itself because this guideline righthere with that code told us we're not allowed

What Are The Different Types Of Vitamins For Diabetics Diabetes Supplements Vitamins

What are the Different Types of Vitamins forDiabetics? Nutritionists and the medical community appearto agree that consumption of whole foods — served as balanced meals and snacks — provide allof the nutrients the diabetic needs. There are exceptions to this rule, and pregnantwomen, diabetics on a lowcalorie diet, and vegans might consider an intake of extra vitamins. Vitamins for diabetics are also helpful forthose with food allergies, kidney disease, some elderly individuals, and people whosegastrointestinal system fails to absorb the proper level of essential nutrients.

It is thought that vitamin D supplements mightpossibly help a diabetic better control his blood sugar levels. This is not astonishing news, as vitamin Dis relatively uncommonfood; nondiabetics are also urged to increase vitamin D intake. Diabetics and nondiabetics can both feelsafe taking a vitamin D supplement of 800 to 1,000 International Units (IU) per day. Vitamin C, might be physically disadvantageousfor diabetic women. It can be taken, but the maximum daily dosageshould not exceed 300 mg per day, Vitamin

B6 should never be taken by a diabetic individual,due to its effect on blood sugar levels. The verdict is till out on vitamin E, as wellas on mineral supplements such as chromium and magnesium. Research concerning vitamins for diabeticsis sometimes contradictory, but the general consensus is that supplements are not requiredexceptpatients with special dietary needs or specific medical conditions. Safe vitamins for diabetics are consideredthose takenvery small doses; the amounts should not exceed 150 percent of the recommendeddaily allowance.

Further, supplements containing iron shouldbe avoided by men and postmenopausal women. A single daily multivitamin or mineral supplementis likely the safest route for a diabetic who wishes to integrate a supplement intohis treatment and health maintenance plan.

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