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Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Symptoms Relieved Davis

We've been managing you here for peripheralneuropathy in lower legs and feet. When you first presented to the office you indicatedthat the pain was very bad, very numb, very tingling. How are you doing today, and howare you responding to the neuropathy program here in our office? Oh gosh, it's much better.I feel that I can walk, before I couldn't get out of bed in the morning I had to holdon to something and I just get up and walk, I can still the numbness on the bottom ofmy foot, but and then walking in this door I don't get as tired as I did before. I usuallyhave to go home and change shoes. I get home and I can keep the shoes on for quite a while.I haven't yet started walking on the street,

but I will. So far so good right? Yea, whata difference. Well congratulations on your results thus far I'm very happy with yourprogress. Thank you.

Healthy Weight May Not Always Mean Diabetes Free

When it comes to determining diabetes risk,one size may not fit all. AsianAmericans in a healthy weight range may still face arisk for the bloodsugar disease. I'm Miranda Savioli with your latest health news. A new report from the American Diabetes Associationadvised AsianAmericans that they may be at risk for type 2 diabetes at a lower body massindex, or BMI, than other groups. This is believed to be due to differences in bodycomposition: AsianAmericans are more likely to gain harmful weight around the waist thanother ethnicities. Most patients should be screened for diabetes when their BMI goesover 25, however, AsianAmericans are advised

to seek screening when their BMI breaches23. Talk to your about diabetes screening.

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