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Currie: This is Jim Miller. He's a patienthere at Arkansas Spinal Care Neuropathy Treatment Center. And he's doing really well,as you can see. Jim, before you came here, how many years had it been since you couldn'twalk without your walker? Jim: About three years. Currie: About three years. Okay, and nowyou're starting to walk without that walker. Jim: Yeah. Currie: And do me another favor. Turnyour head for me. How far could you turn your head when you first camehere?

Jim: Not none this way. And after one treatmentI could turn my head that way, so I'm thankful for that. Currie: Awesome. What have you been doingat home? Jim: Playing with my tractor. I've been ivinga tractor. I couldn't even get on it when I started. Currie: Thank you, Jim.

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