Can Peripheral Neuropathy Spread

Patient with Neuropathy Foot Pain Reviews Bellevue Chiropractor

I'm Galliano Mondin and I've had footpain for over 2 years and the s told me there wasn't anything that they coulddo about it because the nerves never grow back. In researching we came across the BellevuePain , camefor an interview which I thought was very extensive started the procedures.After two or three procedures I felt that it was working already, or at least I believedthat it was working. After 10 visits I felt pretty good, and the longer I keep going thebetter my feet feel. And now I'm 23 of the way through and I can tell you that afterthe last 3 visits my feet feel very very good. I can spread my toes, I can curl my feet,I can pick up a towel now that I've never

been able to do before. And the most thrillingpart is that I can take 4 or 5 steps on my heels which I was never able to do! So I thinkit's working very well and I can't wait to get it over with when there's no more pain!.

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