Can Peripheral Neuropathy Affect Memory

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Physical Activity and Brain Function Exercise Your Way To A Better Memory

Well I've got some exciting news for you.Science has now discovered an actual medical treatment that can improve memory. And itwas published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Let's have a look. This is a study that's entitled quot;Effect ofPhysical Activity and Cognitive Function in Older Adults at Risk for Alzheimer Disease.quot;And what this study did was it looked at 138 participants who were 50 years of age or older andthese are all people who were complaining of mild memory disfunction. What does that mean?That means walking into a room and forgetting why. You can't find your keys. You don't rememberthe Wifi code. All of these things that seemingly

raise a red flag. And here's what the study actuallydemonstrated. What they did was they took these individualsand they were randomized to either a group that exercised, or a group that remained fairlypassive. And they had these individuals do 142 minutes of exercise each week. And that's a dailyexercise routine of around 20 minutes. So don't the 142 minutes put you off. And inthis first chart you'll see that those individuals in the control group who didn't exercise,this is a measurement of their brain performance over 18 months. And I think it's clear thatthese individuals had a significant decline in their brain performance as opposed to thegroup that exercised. As you see in the top

curve they actually gained brain function.And in this next slide, very interesting if you look at what is called the change in theirAlzheimer Disease assessment scale, rating of cognition, the group that actually didthe exercise actually demonstrated improvement again in their assessment scale in how theirbrains were working. The authors concluded, and I quote, quot;In summary, the results of thisrandomized trial indicate that a physical program of an additional 142 minutes of exerciseper week on average modestly improved cognition relative to controls in older adults withsubjective and objective memory impairment.quot; This is a very important study. This is reallyone of the first studies to demonstrate that

an intervention can actually improve memory.And what is this intervention? It's nothing more than aerobic exercise. We now understand,as I wrote about in Grain Brain, that aerobic exercise actually turns on the genes thatallows you brain to grow new brain cells specifically in the memory center. That's powerful medicine. I'm David Perlmutter.

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