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When you initially presented to the office,you presented with numbness, tingling, and irritation in the lower extremities and feet.We've managed this condition with our peripheral neuropathy program. How have you done withthe management and how are you doing today? Oh I'm feeling fine, I'm feeling great. WhenI came in here I thought I'd have to live with pain the rest of my life and it's great,really great. Well we're very very proud to have you here as a patient and congratulationson your results. Thank you , thank you a lot.

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Convenient pain management injectionkits distributed by Dyna MD are the perfect solution to bring addedsafety, efficiency, and cost control to your private medicalpractice. These products are commonly used forpain management procedures and include many of today's popularinjection treatments for back, joint, arthritic, and other pains. Forexample Let's take a look at the Bupivilog kit. This prepackaged kit includes: One singledose 10 milliliter vial of Marcaine,

Two, one milliliter doses of Kenalog40, Three povidoneiodine swab sticks, A pair of sterile gloves, A spot adhesivebandage, and non sterile gauze. Expand the serviceconvenience and patient care opportunity at your 's office with injection kits and other expansionservices available from Dyna MD. To learn more about how we can help yourmedical practice visit us at dynamd . That's DynaMD or call 844 523 7022

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