Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetic Neuropathy

Small Fiber Neuropathy Symptoms Diagnosis and Treatment

Small fiber neuropathy is really an interestingcondition because it consists typically of just burning, numbness, pain of the feet,sometimes the hands later on without necessarily having any abnormalities on your EMG or nerveconduction study. So what I tell patients and actually residents or students who trainunder us is that a normal nerve conduction study does not exclude a neuropathy. And wewill confirm this by doing additional testing, specifically the nervous the the examinationat the bedside asking patients about their symptoms, for example, loss of sensation tocool or or hot temperatures, loss of pain sensation and also doing skin biopsies wherewe look at nerve densities in the skin both

from the calf and the thigh as well as doinga special test that looks at sweat function both in your foot in in the legs as well asthe feet to gauge the level of small fiber nerve damage. Small fiber neuropathy typicallywill progress unless the underlying cause is identified and reversed. Diabetes of coursebeing the most common cause is always screened for. But once the more common causes are excludedand the focus becomes on excluding any underlying secondary disease process but also controllingpain because if patients' symptoms of pain are generally controlled they tend to do prettywell and really have no other major functional deficits. I've really become interested overthe years is how interconnected neurology

and rheumatology are and one thing I oftendo on patients who have unexplained small fiber even autonomic neuropathy is have themsee rheumatology or get evaluated for connective tissue disorders like lupus or Sjogren's orsarcoid and sometimes even if we are not directly involved in treating the patients, this canbe the first sign of an underlying connective tissue disorder that can then be brought tothe attention of rheumatology and addressed from their standpoint.

CHF Congestive Heart Failure Treatment in Ayurveda Testimonial

Namaste Mam, Welcome to Planet Ayurveda Namaste ! May, I know your name please? My name is Nasim balsara. Mam, from where you come? I came from silvasa dadra and nagar haveli capital. It is about 1500 km far away. Mam, what problem do you have? I was suffering from congestive heart failure, my pumping capacity was only 20%. I was on allopathic treatment for last 6 months.

But there was no improvement and my condition was getting worse day by day. I was too weak to walk even four steps. I was so depressed. After that I searched on google, then I found Planet Ayurveda. I watched tutorials on you tube and read reviews of the patients. I also read about medicines which are very well explained on the site. I found that all medicines are very pure then I decided to try the medicines and ordered heart care pack. This pack consists arjuna tea, arjuna capsules and total heart support tablets. I started taking dosage of medicines myself as per recommended on the bottles. After taking these ayurvedic medicines, I felt better within 15 days. I felt strengthen and too good. Basically, You searched online, and after that got to know about the Planet Ayurveda.

You read the content and bought the medicines. After that, you started using the medicines. You are feeling better now. Now it's been 1.5 months approximately, I am taking these medicines. I am the principal of the school. Now, I am able to do my school work easily. I am feeling so energize. As I have already told that I was not even able to walk few steps and now i came here after travelling the 1500 km distance. I am feeling too good with these medicines. I recommend people who are suffering from heart disease should take consultation from the Planet Ayurveda and should start taking medicines. Definitely, they will get positive results.

As you had already, told that you were having other problems along with this problem. You had taken punarnava mondoor , can you explain this ? I was having swelling in the legs, normally it is associated with the heart failure. I was taking allopathic medicines but getting no results. I started taking NSAIDs, but it had so many side effects and on the other hand, my electrolytes level was also depleting. After that when I read about Punarnava mandoor, I thought to try this also. Till then, I did not meet Vikram Chauhan. I started that medicine myself and got results in 810 days. First, my left leg swelling diminished and then right leg swelling almost gone 80%.

Ayurveda helps to solve your fluid retention problem and strengthen your heart also. Yes Yes. It is very effective in both the cases. I am also suffering from diabetic neuropathy. I am having burning sensation in feet and nerve damage. After that, I tried diabetic neuropathy Pack. Yes yes, Diabetic neuropathy care Pack. Chanderprabh vati, shilajit capsules these medicines are also very effective. By taking these medicines, the burning sensation also reduced. Ma'am, Any message for the viewers, who are watching this tutorial. In my life, vikram chauhan is like a god to me. Whatever I prayed to god, he listened that and send me here. I want to convey only this message, go for allopathy treatment along with ayurvedic treatment, then you will surely get better results.

Yes, then you will completely switch to Ayurveda from Allopathy. If you want to get healthy with no side effects then go for ayurveda. Thank you mam, for coming to Planet Ayurveda and sharing your experiences which will be beneficial for the patient who are suffering from this disease.

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